Entertainment Pricing

Our entertainment pricing varies based on what type of event you are having. An additional charge ($.50 cents a mile) may be added for travel over 60 miles.


Please Note:

1. We offer customized payment plans so that paying for your event can be easy and at a budget you can afford. You choose what you want to pay each month up to 2 weeks before your event.

2. We offer a price match guarantee. Receive a written quote from any of our major competitors and we will match their price for the same services.

1. NO PRESSURE SALES. Start with any package. Add on services later if you like. No worries. We will never push you to get anything you don't want or need.

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Lighting & Decor Pricing


Starting at $30 each - Uplighting is the most affordable way to decorate your reception venue and create ambiance unique to your event. It is a lighting design technique that enhances the atmosphere of an event facility. By placing lighting fixtures on the ground and focusing them upward, uplighting can add color and depth to an otherwise boring wall or column. It also adds energy and vibrancy to your photos!

Pin Spot Table Lighting

Starting at $50 each - Pin spots are focused beams of warm white light, projected onto tabletop focal points, such as centerpieces, wedding cakes, artwork, etc. Pin spots highlight these elements, making them stand out in photographs and in person. Perfect pin spotting will make the tabletop decor elements glow just right. Our team will install and focus the pin spots before the event, and uninstall them after the event.

Crystal Columns

Starting at $100 each - Crystal bead columns are a beautiful and elegant accent to any dance floor or entrance way. Free uplighting with your color of choice is included in the center of the columns to make the crystal sparkle and stand out. They can be hung from a ceiling or free standing with a base plate and center pole. They can reach up to 20 feet high and are fully installed and taken down by our staff.


Starting at $200 each - A monogram definitely provides a “wow” factor at your wedding or event. Your names, initials or logo in lights on either a wall, the floor or even a ceiling. We can create or re-create almost any logo or style you like.

Wall Pin Spots

Starting at $50 each - These unique uplights create 3 defined beams of light per fixture to create an elegant and sharp pattern on the wall. Great for long walls with nothing on them. You can chose any color and can even mix match colors within the fixture.


Custom Pricing - Draping is an extremely useful tool to structure and customize your event to exactly the way you want it. Use it to create a unique backdrop for your dessert table or divide a room in half to separate the ceremony and reception.

Photo Booth Pricing

Open or Closed Photo Booth

Starting at $600 - Open photo booth is actually booth-less! It comes with a background. The Closed photo booth is fully enclosed and your guest step into the booth. Each of your guests will receive a customized printout copy of their photos.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Starting at $800 - The Magic Mirror is all the rage at weddings now, it takes taking pictures to a whole new level. Colorful animations and an interactive selfie-taking experience will make your guests go “WOW”. *Red Carpet & Ropes included

Step and Repeat

Starting at $800 - A Step and Repeat is a perfect way to give your guests that Red Carpet feel. The backdrop is customized to anything you want on it from your names to logos to monograms. Red Carpet and Ropes included.

Props & Giveaways Pricing

LED  Foam Wands

100 wands for $80 - Light up foam batons are a popular choice as party props, birthday favors for kids and wedding favors for guests. They create a stunning ambience, and are loads of fun!

Glow Necklaces

100 necklaces for $40 - An even mix of 9 great colors makes sure everyone gets their favorite color! Red, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, blue, aqua, and ice white. Long lasting glow fun!

Inflatable Guitars

12 for $10 - Play air guitar at parties with our 20" inflatable guitars! You can be a hero at music theme parties or add this fun, plastic inflate to your next party.

Stove Top Hats

12 for $20 - A Stove Top Hats is a great way to say, "The party is here and we came to have some fun!" It comes in an assortment of colors and is well made to be used again and again.