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Energetic and Fun
There's no standing around watching what the next guy is going to do. We break the ice and make every event pop with Energy and Fun. Plus, we know how to read a crowd and we can see when we may be playing something that isn't working and so it's time to "switch it up", keeping the crowd fresh and invigorated.
Perfect Planning
Great events don't just happen. iPartyology will go the extra mile every time to create a perfectly planned event. And when things go wrong, which they do, we will be ready to seamlessly continue the show.
The Right Equipment
Having the right equipment to do the job is the key. We use top of the line equipment at every event. We provide even the little things like our own table. If your entertainment can't show up with the things THEY NEED, how can you trust them to provide you with the small details that make an event memorable.
Add-ons & Extras
Check out our additional services that can be customized to make your event even better!
With so many additional services available, you have the opportunity to enhance any event to superstar status. Plus most of our add-on services are fully customizable. So add your own flare and style to your special day and truly make your party your own. Also most of the add-on services are fairly priced so adding on won't break the bank.